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  • More than 170 HDTV & music channels
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
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Internet 60

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  • Download speeds up to 60 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 5 Mbps
  • Keep up with friends gaming online
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Xtream 100 Silver

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  • Over 170 channels
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
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FamilyTV + Internet 60

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for 12 months.
  • Over 170 channels
  • Up to 75 HD channels
  • Over 20,000 titles of FREE On Demand
  • Internet download speeds up to 60 Mbps
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Mediacom Service Area near you

Mediacom Service Area Coverage is Your Answer to Better Services

You Receive Quality and Experience Bundled with Consistency – in All Areas!

Mediacom service Area coverage is vast with service delivery to 22 states. This means, a great service and better availability in your reach. And if you want the same experience, want your favorite movies or TV shows in an HD resolution, or you need a speedy internet connection –connect with Mediacom near you. You will love your journey!

Mediacom also provides the best entertainment in the most inexpensive way. Although it’s also about Mediacom availability in your area, you will find Mediacom services available in all possible locations. On top of this, you will find the same quality of service, despite the area of choice. The company loves your smile! Call Mediacom customer service number to order!

Mediacom near Me

Mediacom Cable Company is Your Best In-Home Entertainment Experience

Subscribe Today to Achieve Crisp Clear HD Resolution in The Perfect Price!

A constant source of entertainment, that can free you from the busy work routines and all the relational issues, is the most needed amenity of this time. And this one objective to sit back and relax, and enjoy other activities at the same time, cannot be better than a TV screen with Mediacom Cable Company subscription playing your favorite shows.

Even with Mediacom basic Cable deal, you will have all your favorite movie channels, TV shows, news channels, sports, and even favorite music channels running in the best HD resolution. Mediacom speed is your other reason to run your search for its packages – because it provides services at the speed of light, whether that involve installation or dealing with your queries on the call. You will love your entertainment, its consistency, and flow through your screens!

Mediacom Customer service number

Get in touch with Mediacom Customer Support Representatives Today

Mediacom Customer Service Number is Your One Stop to All Concerns

You will need someone to talk to regarding your monthly Cable TV, internet, and Home Phone subscriptions. Mediacom customer support is your one stop to every possible solution. Mediacom customer service number is available on the website and is FREE to call during Mon to Fri 10 AM – 8 PM EST. So you can call and talk about monthly entertainment plans and connectivity matters, or ask for a detailed explanation of a package and its continuity or its rate at Mediacom customer service number any time.

Although, you will find easy to understand information on company’s website, for an old or a new customer, even then, for Mediacom deals for current customers you can call Mediacom customer support and inquire! The staff is friendly and ready to offer assistance at all times. And you will have an outstanding experience. And Mediacom service area coverage is the signifying feature for wanting more!

Mediacom Customer Support

As Splendid as the Name is – Mediacom Offers Are Nothing but Great Entertainment

You Will Watch TV Like There’s No Tomorrow...

Time doesn’t cease, unless that moment is exceptional or that individual is special, or unless you want the time to stop. Mediacom offer does that for you! It stops your entertainment time! You can tune into your favorite movie channel, TV program, news and updates, lifestyle buzz, or simply a football match, and ask your beloved to accompany you on the couch – Mediacom rates will keep your fun going.

You will find a diverse range of packages and deals matching everyone’s need. The price varies as per the bundle type, but still offers quality and a generous number of channels. So whether you take a standalone offer or choose a Triple Play deal such as ‘Xtream 100 Silver Triple Play’, the quantity and quality will not get compromised. Most important, Mediacom service area is your answer to signing up for any and all services.

Mediacom on-screen experience

Your Full On Screen Experience Starts with Mediacom Offers

Because We Know What You Need for Fun...

Mediacom offers are inexpensive and subjective to every individual’s need. You get a good number of local HD channels, blazing internet speed for all kinds of downloads and uploads, video streaming, and unlimited nationwide calls with crisp clear voice quality, all in a bundle. Whether you subscribe to a standalone package or you choose to take Double-Play and Triple-Play packages, Mediacom rates are lower than the competitors around.

And if you love watching TV only then subscribe to a Cable TV subscription. You will still be amazed by the number of channels you receive. If you want the internet service only to serve all your needs, take the High-Speed internet deal and surf unrestrictedly. Or connect with your loved ones with video calling. In all cases – Mediacom price list will keep you wanting more from its essential services.